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Опубликованы тезисы к докладам участников коллоквиума D2 – 2017 в Москве

На сайте подкомитета D2 РНК СИГРЭ опубликованы утвержденные тезисы к докладам на международный коллоквиум Исследовательского комитета D2 CIGRE, который пройдет в Москве 20–22 сентября 2017 года.

После подведения итогов приема и модерации присланных материалов в работу принято 56 тезисов к докладам от ведущих экспертов, ученых и специалистов из 21 страны мира. Из них 13 докладов на тему PS-1, 19 докладов на тему PS-2 и 24 доклада на тему PS-3:

1. PS-1 Программные платформы управления распределенными энергоресурсами. 

- Assoc.Prof. Srdjan Skok Faculty of Engineering, Croatia - Microgrid monitoring protection and control based on synchronized measurements (доклад).
- Hoyoung KANG, South Korea - Implementation of Interoperability Adaptor for Interface with External Systems in Campus Microgrid (доклад).
- Alejandro Razo Miranda, México - Strategies and benefits of control centralized and distributed in distribution feeders with distributed generation (доклад).
- D.DEMCHENKO, Russia - The Distributed System for Solution of Planning and Dispatching Problems in Large Interconnection (доклад).
- Ivan M. ABRAMENKO, Russia - Operational, short and long term profile optimization (economic dispatch) of distributed energy resources in Microgrid (доклад).
- Andrey S. BEREZIN, Germany - Security Assessment & System Optimization platform for grid stability control (доклад).
- Tatiana G. GORELIK, Russia - Automation of asset management and field inspection processes as an instrument of economic efficiency of distributed power systems (Microgrids) (доклад).
- Pavel V. ILYUSHIN, Russia - Emergency and postemergency control in the formation of microgrids (доклад).
- Alexander V. KOMAROV, Russia - Advanced Distribution Management System as effective IT/OT platform for managing today and tomorrow electric network (доклад).
- Alexander. L. KULIKOV, Russia - Centralized power supply control system of active consumer with distributed generation sources (доклад).
- Alexey V. MOKEEV, Russia - Applications based on PMU technology for MicroGrid (доклад).
- S. MUZALEV, Russia - Inverter Control in the Formation of Microgrids (доклад).
- G. LAKOTA, Slovenia - Advanced Platform for Virtual Power Plant Operation (доклад).

2. PS-2 Устойчивость к киберугрозам информационных и телекоммуникационных систем в электроэнергетике. 

Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering Information Special Committee/Chinese National Committee of CIGRE, China - Big Data Based Network Security Situation Awareness and Early Warning Analysis (доклад).
- Rodrigo LEAL De Siqueira, Brazil - Building a secure network for new scenario case: CHESF (доклад).
- I. BENÍTEZ, Spain Evaluation of Cybersecurity Risks and Vulnerabilities of Advanced Metering Infrastructure Components (доклад).
- S CONCHET, France The electric network infrastructure, a large playground for IoT (доклад).
- Antony ENG, France MADES (Market Data Exchange Standard): Create a secure and reliable communication platform for European electricity market (доклад).
- G. DONDOSSOLA, Italy A Monitoring Architecture for Smart Grid Cyber Security (доклад).
- Kazuki KITAHARA, Japan Introduction of AI-based Anti-malware Software to resist Cyber Threats (доклад).
- Tadashi OKABE, Japan The current security regulation of power control system in JAPANand corresponding TEPCO PG's efforts (доклад).
- ISAI ROJAS GONZALEZ, México Reference framework for cybersecurity of companies participating in the Wholesale Electricity Market in Mexico (доклад).
- Lhoussain Lhassani, Netherlands (I)IoT: Industrial Internet of Things: Building the future Grid? (доклад).
- Shuang Zhang, Netherlands Utility Information security at the dawn of IoT and NFV-enabled telecommunication service-chaining in cloud computing (доклад).
- Pavel V. LITVINOV, Russia Microgrid monitoring protection and control based on synchronized measurements (доклад).
- Alexandr.L. KULIKOV, I.A. LUKICHEVA, Russia Improving accuracy of power system state estimation under cyber-attacks using median filtering (доклад).
- Maxim V. NIKANDROV, Russia Reducing cyber-attack actual damage by Controlled Degradation of the control system to less vulnerable network configuration and isolating infected system components (доклад).
- Vladimir G. Karantaev, Russia Possible approaches to cybersecurity threat modeling in the Power Grid (доклад).
- ALEKSANDR VOLOSHIN, Russia About cyber physical model for cybersecurity researches in power industry (доклад).
M. SEEWALD, Germany - Real Evidence for Security Conformance (доклад).
- B PETZER, South Africa Cyber-threats and the Risks They Pose to Power Utilities (доклад).
- G. RASCHE, United States Maturity assessment of SDN/NFV technical specifications for secure TELECOM (доклад).

3. PS-3 Высоконадежная инфраструктура связи для традиционных и новых приложений в энергетике. 

Wang Yirong, Yan Shuhui, Feng Shiying, China - The development of 230MHz power wireless communication technology (доклад).
- Guillermo GALARZA, Argentina - A Smooth Migration Path from TDM to PTN using Hybrid Devices (доклад).
- Rodrigo LEAL, Brazil Planning and design of the backbone roadm for mutual use beteween chesf (são francisco's hydroelectric company) and rnp (brazilian national research and educational network). Benefits, opportunities, solutions and challenges (доклад).
- José María DELGADO, Spain Telecommunication networks and infrastructures for IEC 61850-based substation automation systems (доклад).
- Antti VIRO, N.N., Finland Latency in mission critical hybrid network (доклад).
- Anthony GRAY, Ireland Evolving Telecommunications for Next Generation Power Systems (доклад).
- Kenji SASAKI, Japan Development of a new model information transmission device implementing high reliability of a SCADA system (доклад).
- Yasuhiro IKEGUCHI, Japan Application of Virtualization Technology to the New Supply and Demand Adjustment Support System (доклад).
- Yoshiki Mitsuhata, Japan Development of Next-generation System Stabilizing Controller Communication System (доклад).
- Yusuke HATTORI, Japan Development and Introduction of Communication Devices Corresponding to New Applications (доклад).
- Young-Il Kim, South Korea A Development of NMS (Network Management System) for AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Network Devices (доклад).
- V.ČELEBIĆ, Serbia A Solution for the Transmission of the Teleprotection CommandsUsing Ethernet over SDH (доклад).
- Vasily A. KHARLAMOV, Russia Point-to-multipoint Channels over Digital Networks for Relay Protection and Automation (доклад).
- V. LEVSHIN, Russia Recommendations for using of synchronous communications protocols for analog and digital data transfer as an alternative to IEC 61850-9-2 LE (SV) and IEC 61850-8-1 (GOOSE) PROTOCOLS IN DIGITAL SUBSTATIONS (доклад).
- Aleksandr M. LIFSHITS, Russia Ways to improve the speed and reliability of the transmission of digital information through the channels NBPLC grids 6-35 kV (доклад).
- Iurii Nazarov, Russia Construction and operating experience of digital power-line carrier systems (доклад).
- Anders RUNESSON, Sweden NordBalt fibre optical transmission system (доклад).
- Dr. Surat TANTERDTID, Thailand Leveraging Security and Reliability Management with Advance Data Analytic, A Novel of Big Data application in CBM strategy in EGAT Communication Network (доклад).
- V. TAN (Australia), D. HOLSTEIN (United States), M. SEEWALD (Germany) Challenges to Implement Secure Remote Services (доклад).
- J. COSTA, Uruguay Precision timing distribution over terrestrial way (доклад).
- BCD THAKADU, South Africa Investigation into the use of IP-MPLS network to service OT services (доклад).
- K. SETLHAPELO, South Africa Microwave Link Planning and Improved Availability and Reliability (доклад).
- K. THEBUS, South AfricSubstation Network Optimisation Principles: IT features within an OT environment (доклад).
- M. TALJAARD, South AfricNetwork and Data Security Architecture of the Electric Power System (доклад).

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